RuneScape wishes members a merry Christmas with its December update

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RuneScape wishes members a merry Christmas with its December update
Christmas is quickly approaching, and with it many MMOs are gearing up for a December update. For EverQuest II, World of Warcraft and many others, this means it's time for the annual Christmas festivals or other wintry festivities. Other games, such as EVE Online and Asheron's Call, will be giving players a major patch this month to add new content or features. Players of RuneScape will be similarly celebrating the holiday season with a Christmas patch full of goodies. Included in the update will be improvements to the Warrior's Guild, new hit splats to give additional information about damage, and the new area of Daemonheim for subscribed members.

The Warrior's Guild will be getting a new challenge called the Cyclossus, and many of the previous challenges will be updated to include additional rewards. Daemonheim will bring players the winter Heimland Games, with activities ranging from snowball fighting and snowman decoration to ice skating and something ominously referred to as "seal sliding." To top off the December update, a new Damage Soaking stat will be added to several pieces of high-level gear to fix what Jagex calls "an imbalance between the potential damage per minute (DPM) and damage capacity (DC) of higher-level players." If you're one of RuneScape's several million players, you'll have a lot to look forward to this holiday season.
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