Golden Axe gets Bluetooth multiplayer, EA titles on sale

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|12.04.10

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Golden Axe gets Bluetooth multiplayer, EA titles on sale

Sega sent us a note that Golden Axe for the iPhone has been updated -- the game now offers co-op over Bluetooth, so you and a friend can grab a weapon and get to killing goblins and ogres. And I think the game has finally gotten down to a US 99 cent usual price rather than a special sale, but a buck (or two bucks as the case may be, for two players) is cheap for a few good co-op games of Golden Axe.

Additionally, EA has dropped prices on a few of its App Store titles, including Reckless Racing, EA Sports MMA, and our recent Daily App choice Heroes Lore III. The dev has deals going on its games all month long, so stay tuned for more to come.

Oh, and one more tip: Gameloft is apparently giving away one game every single day over on its Twitter account in a promotion it's calling the Gameloft Advent calendar. There have been some good deals over there already, and will probably be more as the month goes on.

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