Android Market update brings long-awaited 'Related' tab, similar app suggestions

Remember that "Related" / "Similar" tab we spotted in Google's own Gingerbread video? Looks as if you won't have to wait for Android 2.3 to enjoy the spoils of having El Goog sort out what similar apps you may like after you download one. This morning, waves of Android loyalists are finding a new tab in their Market, with a Droid 2 and Nexus One both seeing the update here at Engadget HQ. Naturally, it works just like the App Store's equivalent, but it remains to be seen just how accurate the advice is. When looking at 'Related' for the (also recently updated) Engadget app, we're finding items we'd prefer to be listed first about a page or so down, but we're sure the mix-and-match engineers in Mountain View are already fine tuning things as we speak. You know, during the brief moments they aren't preparing for Tuesday's big Chrome reveal.

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in]