Aion surveys feature in-game presents

Jef Reahard
J. Reahard|12.07.10

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Aion surveys feature in-game presents
Looking for some free loot to welcome you back to Aion? Look no further than the new Solorius festival and the 10-day account reactivation promotion recently begun by NCsoft. Whether you're a loyal veteran or you've just returned to the fight, be sure to fill out the random in-game surveys that the Aion team will be sending your way at various times throughout the day.

In addition to doing your civic duty and providing valuable game feedback, you'll receive a present with your survey. Possible presents include boxes of enchantment stones, colored dyes (including rare blacks and whites), candies and food, a Watchful Ailu pet egg, swimwear, and more. Check out the full announcement on the official website for all the details.
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