Final Fantasy XI's December version update goes live

Eliot Lefebvre
E. Lefebvre|12.07.10

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Final Fantasy XI's December version update goes live
It's hard not to be overshadowed by the arrival of a certain expansion tomorrow, but Final Fantasy XI players are getting their own major update today. Aside from unlocking the content in the new mini-expansion Heroes of Abyssea, the update brings with it the long-awaited boost to level 90 and a host of new abilities, not to mention new job emotes, a new form of storage, and adjustments to high-end battlegrounds across the game, giving the update something new for players of nearly any level.

Aside from the many larger changes, the patch also features several improvements to quality of life, such as dropping the price of Instant Reraise/Warp scrolls to almost trivial values. The stealth spells (Invisible, Sneak, and Deodorize) have also all been given a longer duration and less variation in their effect length, a boon to any players planning on sneaking from place to place. The full patch notes contain a piece or two of rather cryptic information, as always, but they should be enough to bring a smile to any Final Fantasy XI player.
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