Kinect Hacks: DaVinci drawing interface, flying machine

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Kinect Hacks: DaVinci drawing interface, flying machine
Two more crazy Kinect hacks have been captured on video, making a nice thematic pairing. First, Razorfish's DaVinci software has been ported to Kinect, allowing users to draw onscreen by making gestures, and then interact with those drawn objects Crayon Physics-style.

Second, researchers at UC Berkeley's Hybrid Systems lab mounted a Kinect on an autonomous quadracopter, allowing the machine to sense its surroundings in 3D. You know who else invented a crazy helicopter thing? That's right -- Da Vinci! We told you there was a theme.

Check out both videos after the break, and ponder the question: if Kinect can now fly around on its own, why would it want to stay home and play MotionSports with you?

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