Final Fantasy XIV launches another notorious preview

Eliot Lefebvre
E. Lefebvre|12.08.10

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Final Fantasy XIV launches another notorious preview
We're not sure exactly when Final Fantasy XIV's large December update will be going live, but we do know that one of its major inclusions will be the addition of notorious monsters. The first of these powerful beasts has already been previewed, but a new one is now being shown for all to see... not that it would be easy to miss the enormous Tarbh Uisge. One of the last great buffalo, his mind has been eaten away through years of suppressive magics, leaving him as a bundle of violent rage.

Tarbh Uisge appears to be in the same category as the previously demonstrated Deadeyes in more ways than one. This great beast is linked to a levequest as well, but he also drops the same set of runestones as his contemporary. The Templar armor previewed alongside the buffalo, therefore, can be obtained by players slaying either beast and accumulating drops, which frees players to pursue both or neither as they see fit. Final Fantasy XIV should be releasing this newest opponent in the near future, which should yield a notable boon to everyone not trampled underfoot.
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