Pitchfork gets a custom iPod touch page-topper ad

Apple has developed a custom ad for indie music review site Pitchfork. You can go over and see it right now in any WebKit-based browser (so Safari or Chrome) -- an iPod touch pops up in front of the menu bars, and everything gets swept away in the games being played.

This ad is notable for a few reasons. First of all, Pitchfork, unlike some of Apple's other custom ad targets, is a completely online publication, so Apple is now targeting blog readers as well as traditional newspaper readers. Pitchfork is also known for a certain very indie (some might say hipster) audience, and clearly Apple thinks the iPod touch will "play" with that audience. And finally, 'tis the season -- the iPod touch is on fire lately, and Apple's spending the ad dollars to make sure it stays that way.

Excellent ad, of course, just a little strange to see it on the top of a hip music review site. We'll keep eyes out for any other interesting Apple ads this holiday season.

[via Macgasm]