Dragon Gaming Speech Pack set to bypass complex keystrokes

Jef Reahard
J. Reahard|12.08.10

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Dragon Gaming Speech Pack set to bypass complex keystrokes
Ready to use your voice for something other than barking raid orders or bantering pop culture references over your guild's Vent server? Nuance Communications has announced what it hopes is the next wave in PC gaming: voice command sets. The new Dragon Gaming Speech Pack enables gamers to bypass complex keystrokes in favor of spoken commands, theoretically making gameplay more intuitive.

Currently, the software supports World of Warcraft and Second Life in the MMO space, with a number of lobby and single-player games included as well (Call of Duty Black Ops, Mass Effect 2, and Microsoft Flight Simulator X, to name a few). The software retails for USD $129.99, but Nuance is running a special introductory offer that you can read about at its website.
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