Apple job listing calls for Verizon iPad engineer, hints at a lot more

Darren Murph
D. Murph|12.13.10

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Apple job listing calls for Verizon iPad engineer, hints at a lot more
Do you "have enterprise sales experience and an existing knowledge of the mobile market and the technologies that support it?" Do you "have strong IT knowledge in the areas of enterprise messaging and collaboration, VPN, WiFi and enterprise security technologies?" And most importantly, do you "possess the ability to work without direct supervision or detailed direction?" If so, you might just be suitable for Apple's latest and greatest job listing. The HR team in Cupertino is apparently looking for a Verizon iPad system engineer, primarily to work with Apple's sales team and legions of business partners in order to "drive the adoption of iPad in enterprise accounts." What's interesting is the Verizon angle; if Apple simply wanted nondescript iPads in Corporate America, why hire someone familiar with Big Red? Moreover, this certainly says something about Apple's relationship with Verizon -- namely, that it's growing, and we're guessing that the pleasantries will eventually extend far beyond a tablet. So yeah, it's no real shocker that Apple and Verizon are in cahoots on some level, but this kind of invitation usually comes with one or two undercover intentions. Any upstanding gentleman attached to his better half would understand.

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