Epic Games to release updated Unreal Dev Kit for iOS on Thursday

David Quilty
D. Quilty|12.15.10

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Epic Games to release updated Unreal Dev Kit for iOS on Thursday
Unreal Dev KitEpic Games, creator of recently released game "Infinity Blade," is publicly releasing an updated version of its Unreal Development Kit on Thursday. The game-development package simplifies the creation of graphics and animations on Apple's iOS, and if TUAW's Chris Rawson's recent review of Infinity Blade is any indication of what can be done with it, we should be in store for some amazing graphics in upcoming games.

While it is free to download and use, iPhone and iPad developers interested in selling paid apps they have created with it must pay Epic a $99 licensing fee and 25 percent of royalties after the initial $5,000 in sales.

Gaming has really taken off on iOS devices, as 43.8 percent of the gaming market is playing games on phones like the iPhone, and game developers for iOS outnumber their DS and PSP counterparts two-to-one. With Infinity Blade raking in at least 1.6 million dollars in the first five days of its release, you can be assured that developers will be clamoring to create the next big thing with Epic's release of its Unreal Development Kit.
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