The 7th Guest launches on App Store

What? Oh, yeah ... yeah, just hold on, we'll be with you in a sec. ... Now, where were we? ... But wait, that can't ...

Huh? Oh, yeah, the post, right, sorry. We've been staring at the frigging "letter can puzzle" in The 7th Guest for like an hour now and we're honestly this close to snapping our respective iPads and iPhones over our knees at this point. ... Wait, maybe if ... no, that won't work! Dammit!

You know, we're actually a little busy with this to write a post right now. Hey, why not go to the App Store and get The 7th Guest ($2.99 on iPhone, $5.99 on iPad) for yourself while you wait for us to figure this out?

Now, if you'll excuse us, we're gonna watch the video of the chubby ghost lady for like the hundredth time to see if we missed a clue.