Alienware M17x laptop said to be suffering from power-related GPU issues

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Well, it looks like at least some Alienware M17x laptop owners just can't catch a break. While the previous so-called DPC latency issue has apparently finally been resolved, a number of users are now reporting another issue that's only become apparent after the earlier problem was fixed. As it turns out, the symptoms are similar to the stuttering caused by the DPC latency issue (hence the confusion), but the new problems are being blamed on power issues -- namely, that the GPU is drawing more power than the laptop can provide. Worse still is that it seems like those with the highest-end configuration are the most likely to experience the problem, as they're effectively maxing out an already maxed-out system. For its part, Dell has apparently fixed the issue in the most recent revision of the laptop, but users on the Notebook Review forums are reporting that the company hasn't exactly been eager to dish out replacements for everyone affected (which seems to be the only surefire "fix" available).

[Thanks, Adam]
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