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ExoPC hacked to run Android 2.2, Microsoft sobs

ExoPC hacked to run Android 2.2, Microsoft sobs
Joanna Stern
Joanna Stern|December 20, 2010 5:44 PM
Well, what do we have here? An ExoPC running Android 2.2? Oh yes, it's Microsoft's worst nightmare, and it has indeed been accomplished by one of ExoPC's devout forum members. The details in the forum thread are extremely sparse, but apparently ExoPC fan MrWilson has added a Froyo boot option to his 11.6-inch, Windows 7 ExoPC and has gotten both touch and WiFi working within the Google OS. We're hoping he'll post detailed instructions on how he got this all working soon, but in the meantime we leave you with the poorly shot video of it all after the break. So, does this make you even more inclined to buy the $699 tablet from Microsoft Store? Oh the irony!

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