Secret of Mana on iPhone greenlit, should hit App Store tonight

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Secret of Mana on iPhone greenlit, should hit App Store tonight
We were pretty skeptical about whether the iOS version of Secret of Mana, which was announced at E3 earlier this year then never heard from again, would make its 2010 launch target. According to an update on Square Enix DLG's Facebook page, it's going to make it just under the wire -- producer Masaru Oyamada revealed that the game has been greenlit for release on the App Store, and will arrive there sometime before the end of the month. According to Touch Arcade, the game just appeared on the New Zealand App Store, which usually means it will arrive in North America by the end of the day. Keep an eye out!

The Square Enix Facebook post didn't mention any new features which have been added to the classic early-90s gem, but there were a few screenshots of the game's user interface. It looks like a pretty standard action-RPG control scheme; whether it will be solid enough to let us tackle Mana's occasionally impossible bosses remains to be seen. (Here's looking at you, Spiky Tiger.)
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