MapleStory hits more than 136,000 concurrent players

Eliot Lefebvre
E. Lefebvre|12.24.10

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MapleStory hits more than 136,000 concurrent players
Concurrent users are one of those interesting things to track in MMOs -- while they're mostly an indication of how robust the hardware supporting the servers happens to be, they're also a decent look at how many players are enjoying the game at any given moment. MapleStory has managed to set a new record for itself, with 136,000 players simultaneously active in the North American version of the game. That's nearly double the previous high-water mark back in July of 2009.

Daniel Kim, the CEO of Nexon America, issued a statement concurrent with the record: "This milestone represents a new high point for MapleStory and is a testament to the growing popularity of the game into its fifth year." Said milestone is also coming on the heels of the first two parts of the Big Bang update, with a third part set to hit the game in early 2011. That means a great deal of new content and two new classes for MapleStory players to enjoy, which turns out to be good news for Nexon.
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