Logitech says Google hasn't asked it to halt Google TV production

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Donald Melanson
December 27, 2010 5:54 PM
Logitech says Google hasn't asked it to halt Google TV production
It was a bit too late to fend off a more than 3% drop in its stock price, but Logitech has finally come out and refuted those rumors that it was asked to halt production of its Google TV hardware until a significant update could be rolled out. As VP of corporate communications Nancy Morrison explains, Logitech "has not been asked by Google to suspend production of its Google TV products," and that such a suspension wouldn't even be necessary as "every Logitech Revue companion box will receive free over-the-air updates whenever Google and Logitech release software enhancements." That statement has now also been backed up by Logitech's official blog, which assures customers that "all's well with Logitech Revue," and that Logitech will be out in force at CES next month to demonstrate "how Google TV is transforming the TV-watching experience."
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