HTC Desire HD gets FCC approval with North American 3G, might be for Telus

Just over a week ago we caught a glimpse of a device that claimed to be a Telus-branded version of the 4.3-inch HTC Desire HD, a beast that has yet to make the leap to North America and doesn't officially exist in any variants that fully support the 3G frequencies used there. Well, now we've got the smoking gun in the form of an FCC approval for a device with model number PD98120 that supports WCDMA Bands II and V, which means it's ripe for uses on AT&T, Bell, Telus, and Rogers (sorry, T-Mobile). The original European version of the Desire HD is the PD98100 -- and the DLNA's certification site actually refers to the phone as the "PD98 series" -- so we think we can safely say that's what we're looking at here, particularly considering that the FCC label location document shows a device laid out in the Desire HD's very unusual way. It's anything but a slam dunk that AT&T might take an interest in this... but yeah, Telus subscribers, you can probably start saving your cash now.