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Raving Rabbids 4, new Driver planned for Ubisoft's fiscal 2010-11


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DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHYUM, a new Raving Rabbids already? With Ubisoft's latest financial revision citing underperformance in several aspects of its business during 2009 -- including the DS market and "non-casual Wii titles" -- the publisher plans to play it safer during its next fiscal year, starting April 1, 2010. That means "a greater number of franchise releases" and, presumably, a continued effort in the realm of Wii casual games. Naturally, Raving Rabbids 4 (as it's currently titled) ticks both of those boxes.

The publisher also plans to release a new Driver game during the same period, though it hasn't specified the target platforms nor how it intends to revitalize the franchise. The last time fans saw the action racer, it was hurtling over a cliff, Thelma and Louise style.

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