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TruTouch 2000 promises to detect intoxication with a finger scan


TruTouch Technologies has been working on various non-invasive means to detect intoxication for quite a while now (like the rather elaborate TruTouch Guardian pictured at right), but it looks like it's set to simplify things even further with its new TruTouch 2000 device, which has apparently passed though clinical tests with flying colors. Like the Guardian, the TruTouch 2000 uses near infrared light to detect possible intoxication, but it's apparently able to do that by simply scanning your finger instead of your entire forearm. Quite the leap, to be sure, but TruTouch says that the device is able to 'produce accurate results in less than 15 seconds," and that it packs a built-in biometric identification system to ensure the test results are legit. No timeline for an actual deployment of the device just yet, but it looks like TruTouch has its eye on applications far beyond the expected law enforcement uses -- including even vehicle safety systems, and "Alcohol Point-Of-Sale Liability Reduction Systems."

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