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Nintendo releases budget line in Japan based on Nintendo Channel rankings


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Nintendo of Japan just launched a line of budget Wii re-releases -- something that hasn't happened out of Nintendo in a long time. The Minna no Osusume Selection (Everyone's Recommendation Selection) is a series of third-party games marked down to ¥2,800 ($30.53), and given new box art that pretty much obscures the original image, making it really difficult to tell which game it is.

Since the best-selling Wii games are all still selling at full price, Nintendo determined the titles to be released in this collection in a really smart way: with user recommendations from the Nintendo Channel. Each of the games is given a "medal" rank based on the user response, with the most recommended game on the list being Chunsoft's visual novel 428. Other titles in the collection include Muramasa, Arc Rise Fantasia, We Ski & Snowboard, and One Piece and Dragon Ball Z games. See the full list of initial releases after the break.

  • 428
  • Muramasa: The Demon Blade
  • Arc Rise Fantasia
  • We Ski & Snowboard
  • One Piece Unlimited Cruise
  • Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World
  • Dragon Ball Z Sparking! Meteor

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