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NPD: New Super Mario Bros. Wii sales have surpassed Super Mario Galaxy


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New Old Mario is stomping all over the mark left by his globetrotting counterpart, with sales of New Super Mario Bros. Wii having already surpassed Super Mario Galaxy in the US. According to the NPD, Galaxy has sold approximately 4.1 million units in the two years since its November 2007 release, while NSMBW has amassed 4.2 million sales in about 45 days.

As IGN notes, the Wii's install base is much higher now (26 million in the US), but that still doesn't explain why Galaxy, which has had far more time on retail shelves, was passed by so quickly. We'd posit that there's something nostalgic about NSMBW, which makes it stand apart from Galaxy and speak to the Wii's demographic. Of course, Super Mario Galaxy 2 will have the benefit of being quite familiar too ...

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