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Stihl's autumn calendar automatically rips through to tomorrow

Sean Hollister

Unless they're incredibly quiet or potentially explosive, you won't find us waxing poetic (or even prosaic) about leaf blowers. But if a company that produced leaf blowers made a motorized calendar that tore off its own pages? We'd tell you about that in a heartbeat -- even if the wonderfully wasteful contraption turned out to be a viral ad by agency Euro RSCG rather than an actual household organizer, and even if its pages aren't nearly as saucy as Stihl's usual NSFW fare. Believe it or not, there's no blade inside that brushed aluminum shell; the process works by ripping out the bookbinding thread along the calendar's spine using a motorized reel. Join us in celebrating the wonder of pressed dead wood floating to earth all by its lonesome with a short video after the break.

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