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Found Footage: Ridiculously fast iPhone typist

Sang Tang

According to an IBM-University of Michigan study [link to PDF], when transcribing, those using a traditional hardware QWERTY keyboard type at an average rate of 33 words per minute. This means that YouTube user "konceptzoflife" is 152 percent faster than the average typist.

The only thing is, he can do it on his iPhone.

Using iTextSpeed to test his typing speed, the Usain Bolt of iPhone typists registered 83 WPM; his ultimate goal is to hit 90 WPM.

The 83 WPM, which is the fastest I've seen on an iPhone, is still markedly shy of hardware QWERTY keyboard record holder Barbara Blackburn. The late Blackburn, whose fame made her a guest on Late Night with David Letterman (when he was on NBC after Johnny Carson), can maintain 150 WPM for a full 50 minutes, and can top out at 212 WPM.

[via 148Apps]

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