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Muscle March sequel may use Project Natal

Alex Ziebart

Muscle March took the world by storm with its release in mid-2009. The WiiWare title was held back from unbridled global domination only by its one-console exclusivity. However, insider sources tell us that Muscle March's sequel, Muscle March: 2nd Rep, may not be tied to just one console. The sequel to the hit game will find its way to the XBox 360 as well, utilizing Project Natal rather than the Wiimote.

Here at Muscle March Insider, we are obviously pumped about this news. The Wii is known for its casual gaming appeal, and we think this jump to the 360 will really take the game up a notch. Being open to casual gamers is great, but a game really needs content for the hardcore audience; it needs a way for real gamers to take it to the next level. The Wii didn't have that, and we don't think the Wiimote is even capable of it in this case. The Wii's basic motions are okay, but imagine Muscle March with Natal's real motion-sensing technology. No longer are you just pointing the Wii wands in the right direction with basic waggle controls, you are actually flexing to win the game. Only he (or she) with the best pose wins. Heck, it could even take visual muscle mass into account! No muscles? No glory. The strongest gamer wins. The way it should be!

The footage supplied to us by our sources is behind the cut below. It is supposedly a tech demo of Muscle March: 2nd Rep from the Namco Bandai HQ. Be warned, it is muscle-icious. It could be considered not safe for work ... if your boss has something against bulging pecs.

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