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Red Dead Redemption's online 'Multiplayer Free Roam' revealed


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Rockstar Games has today unveiled one of Red Dead Redemption's multiplayer modes. Just like in Grand Theft Auto IV, "Multiplayer Free Roam" lets players explore the full single-player gameworld in an online, multiplayer environment. However, this mode remains separate from the single-player story and is not a means by which to progress through the "campaign" with other players. In Free Roam, players can explore by their lonesome or band together to form "posses" of up to 8 hombres. While possied-up, players can take on other posses, hunt down criminals or start a "group activity," like a traditional multiplayer deathmatch. Up to 16 players can be in the same online lobby simultaneously.

As with GTA IV, experience points are gained as you play multiplayer modes. There are 50 levels of character progression, with experience points unlocking new weapons, mounts, characters and challenges.

Today's announcement emphasizes that Free Roam is just one part of the Red Dead Redemption multiplayer experience. "There are more structured competitive modes that we'll reveal soon," Rockstar promises.

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