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Massive, solar powered bird is overseeing Coachella, pretty stoked about its chance to see Phoenix

Laura June

This massive structure will greet you this weekend if you're headed to the Coachella music festival. It's a 45-foot tall solar-powered crane (the bird), and it boasts multicolored LEDs for what will surely be an awe-inspiring night. The huge art installation has a wingspan of 150 feet and weighs about 35,000 pounds. The photovoltaic-powered birdie was designed by Crimson Collective, and it's just another reason we're regretting our decision not to head out west for the festival. If you're lucky enough to be at Coachella, be sure to snap some closeups of the origami-styled crane hanging out with Steve Malkmus for us, okay? Hit the source link for a bunch of other photos.

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