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The Engadget Show Live! With roboticist Dr. Dennis Hong, Ryan Block, Rick Karr, and more!

Chad Mumm

Keep your eyes tuned to this post -- because at 6:00 PM ET, we'll be starting The Engadget Show live, with roboticist Dr. Dennis Hong of the RoMeLa Lab at Virginia Tech, investigative correspondent Rick Karr, gdgt founder Ryan Block, our own Ross Miller and Paul Miller, plus music from Neil Voss and visuals from NO CARRIER and much, much, more! You seriously don't want to miss it!

Can't make it? We forgive you, and there's a live video stream that can be found after the break. In the spirit of awesome, we've enabled tweeting directly to the live stream! To be a part of The Engadget Show broadcast, just include the hashtag "#engadgetshow" and watch for your tweet on the ticker at the bottom of the screen. One thing to note, The Engadget Show is a family program, so any single instance of swearing or trolling will force us to turn off the ticker... and it won't come back on. So, keep it clean and have fun!

Update: Well that's another show done and thanks for joining us. Don't worry if you missed it -- we'll be delivering the edited video (without the echo from earlier; sorry about that) to you within a day or two, so keep an eye out on iTunes, Zune Marketplace, and our RSS feed. Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

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