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SingStar adds vibrato support, turns PSP into virtual remote


SingStar may have trained you to become a better singer by keeping you on pitch, but don't expect to make a successful run on American Idol just yet. Talented vocalists can add some flourishes to their performances through the use of vibrato. (For examples, listen to any Mariah Carey song from the 90s.) However, games like SingStar and Rock Band have traditionally penalized players for straying from the exact pitch notated on the screen.

Thankfully, the upcoming June update will modify the SingStar game engine to account for vibrato. "We suggest honing your vibrato skill on Gold by Spandau Ballet, Street Spirit by Radiohead or one of the tracks from the Il Divo SongPack," London Studios' Chris Bruce told PlayStation.Blog readers.

Another update included in the June patch is the ability to use your PSP as a "SingStar Remote." By connecting your PSP to the game, you'll be able to browse and queue up songs to play while others are singing -- essentially recreating the functionality of a high-end karaoke bar. This is definitely a feature that will help make our drunken SingStar parties go much smoother.

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