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Henry Hatsworth devs crafting Monster Tale on DS


Dreamrift, the new studio formed by Henry Hatsworth designer Peter Ong and programmer Ryan Pijai, is working on a new DS game that, once again, involves two distinct genres of running simultaneously across both screens. Instead of Hatsworth's weird mashup of platformer and falling-block puzzle, however, the new Monster Tale combines platforming and ... a pet simulation. The result is something reminiscent of A Boy and his Blob.

In Monster Tale, Ellie fights her way through the Monster World in order to free its denizens from the control of the "Kid Kings." Acquired items can be sent to the bottom screen, home of a monster named Chomp. The items Chomp eats or plays with in the bottom screen boost his abilities, or even transform him into one of around 30 forms when summoned to the top screen to protect Ellie. Will a cup of tea transform him into a dashing British adventurer? Probably not!

Majesco plans to release Monster Tale this December.

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