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Panasonic's 50-inch TX-P50VT20 plasma reviewed: 'The best 3D TV to date'

Tim Stevens

We can see a time in the future, the very near future, where reviews of 3D HDTVs will lose their novelty. But, for now, they're still rare enough to warrant some attention, and so let's take a look at TechRadar's take on Panasonic's first 3D entry, the Viera TX-P50VT20. It's a 50-inch, 1080p plasma that excels as an HDTV, delivering great quality images -- even with SD content. When it comes to 3D the set similarly shines, supporting all of today's various modes of delivering multiple perspectives in a way those active-shutter glasses can decipher. Indeed, it was only those glasses themselves that really scored low marks, said to be uncomfortable to wear and, with their tinting, doing some unfortunate things to the color balance. Still, if you absolutely must have 3D right now, this looks like the best way to do it... for the moment.

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