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Bose simplifies surround sound setup with Lifestyle systems, charges dearly for it

Darren Murph

So, you've got a few options here. Do a little research and piece together your own surround system, hire a voyeur from Geek Squad to do it for you, or just hire a live-in technician to handle both present and future issues. Whatever you settle on, you can pretty much rest assured that it'll be cheaper than forking out for one of Bose's hilariously overpriced Lifestyle systems. In typical Bose fashion, the company is introducing a new trio of 5.1 rigs (the V35, V25 and T20), each of which utilize a new "Unify" technology that is said to make "connecting speakers and sources, programming remotes, and accessing content easier and faster than ever before." And by that, they mean "we'll show you pictures of the connectors on your television screen." Each setup comes with a handful of tiny, cube-like speakers and a surely unimpressive Acoustimass bass module, and if you're hoping to find detailed specifications -- you know, things like RMS, impedance, frequency response range and other vital audio statistics -- we wish you the best of luck. Oh, but here's a few figures that are being handed down: $3,299, $2,499 and $1,999. Yeah, those are the MSRPs in order of mention, and amazingly, we aren't kidding.

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