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KiFit tells you how many calories you're not burning, other sad details of your unhealthy existence

Laura June

Do we really need another gadget to tell us we're fat and we sleep badly? Yes, we do. The KiFit armband's packing some medically developed tech which measures your body temperature, how much you're sweating, and how much you're moving. From that info, it calculates your calorie burn rate and how peacefully you're sleeping. If you're like us, you're undoubtedly already aware that your slumber is like a nightly replay of the "Enter Sandman" video, but still, it's great to see gadgets that encourage a healthier lifestyle, right? The KiFit is available for $300 plus a $20 monthly subscription price -- and while it's a pretty neat little gizmo -- we'd suggest you might be better off paying for a gym membership you're never going to use.

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