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Smartroi Android powered TV is officially headed to Korea


Remember our slight skepticism in April over reports that South Korean manufacturer GPNC would soon be releasing TVs running Android 1.5? Well it seems our clairvoyant powers that day were on the fritz, since the company has now officially announced the launch of an Google-powered TV dubbed Smartroi. Other hard details on the unit are predictably slim, but GPNC has confirmed that the TV will be sold in Korea and sport a 42-inch Full HD LED backlit screen, a 5,000,000:1 contrast ratio, a 500cd/m² brightness, and USB connectivity. There's no verification on what version of Android will ship with the unit, but support for OS upgrades in the future has been hinted. Not satisfied with those measly tidbits? Neither are we, but considering Google still labels GPNC's site as suspected of malware, we're content to just keep letting updates flow to us.

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