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New Mass Effect novel penned by sci-fi writer William C. Dietz

In a recent interview with our PC-centric sister site Big Download, science fiction novelist and experienced game-to-book adapter William C. Dietz revealed he was recently "hired to write a Mass Effect tie-in." When pressed for details about the project, Dietz, who has also written books for the Resistance, Hitman, Halo and StarCraft franchises, could only reveal that it was due to his publisher in early 2011.

So, we've got Mass Effect: Ascension, Mass Effect: Revelation and, out next week, Mass Effect: Retribution -- and now Dietz is going to throw another piece of literature on the pile? Had we known that falling in love with the Mass Effect franchise would require us to do this much reading, we probably would have skipped the whole darn thing.

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