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Ubisoft announces Fighters Uncaged for Kinect ... why were they caged in the first place?

Look, we're just gonna cut to the quick on this one: Fighters Uncaged is a new fighting game for Xbox 360 Kinect and it doesn't look promising. We'll lay it out for you in bullet point format:
  • It's a Kinect title due in November and we're just hearing about it now
  • It's a fighting game using Kinect – see attached gallery for real-life images of people punching the air with all their might
  • It has some truly terrible character design (Exhibit A and Exhibit B)
  • There's a typo on the above screen: 'Exausted'
  • In order to execute "super strikes" you "need to shout while unleashing your strike," says Project Manager Luc Verdier
  • On Joystiq's patented "Start-to-Bandanna'd-Gangster" scale, it earns an impressive score of "0 seconds"
In fact, the only good thing we can see is that it's by a newly created developer named AMA Studios. Yeah, an unproven developer would normally be a bad sign, but get this: They're located in Belgium. You know what else is located in Belgium? Jean-Claude Van Damme. It's a country full of french fries and ass-kicking. Find the trailer after the break.

Gallery: Fighters Uncaged | 10 Photos

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SAN FRANCISCO, CA - August 17, 2010 – Today, Ubisoft announced Fighters Uncaged, a new fighting game that will be available worldwide in November 2010 exclusively for Kinect™ on Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft. Developed by AMA Studios, Fighters Uncaged will deliver players the excitement of real fighting competitions, in addition to teaching players mixed martial arts techniques.

"Fighters Uncaged is the first motion fighting game for Microsoft Kinect™, dedicated to a core audience," said Adam Novickas, U.S. director of marketing at Ubisoft. "Fighters Uncaged requires players to get out of their seat to engage in a controller-free full-body combat game and experience the authentic fighting style of Thai boxing."

Leveraging the Microsoft Kinect™ technology, Fighters Uncaged delivers players an immersive total-body combat experience. Players will be able to create 70 different strikes inspired by martial arts and compete in 21 different fighting environments such as rooftops, dark alleys, gritty city docks and abandoned church. Included are diverse opponents with unique fighting styles, devastating combos with voice-activated super strikes, opportunities to upgrade your character by unlocking new skills and a jump-in multiplayer feature to take your enemies down with your friends.

For more information on Fighters Uncaged, please visit:

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