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Sony's Alpha A580 and A560 leak out with 1080i video recording mode?

Sean Hollister

If Sony's camera division were a ship, the crew would be shiftily eying the rowboats right about now, because yet another pair of Sony Alpha DSLRs have just sprung out another gaping hole. Sony Alpha Rumors brings convincing pictures of two Alpha A550 successors, the A580 and A560, which reportedly feature 16 megapixel and 14 megapixel sensors respectively. Like their predecessor, both feature 100-12,800 ISO ranges, Memory Stick and SD card slots and a fancy tilting LCD display, but now also reportedly sport 15 autofocus points (up from 9) and a 1080i AVCHD video recording mode. Pricing and availability are still in the cards, but don't fret -- we'll find out soon enough.

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