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Rock of the Dead now listed for PS3 and 360, with spinoff iOS apps


A fact sheet for Epicenter's zombie-murder/guitar music mashup (why not?) Rock of the Dead now presents the title as coming only to Xbox 360 and PS3, with a date of October 5. A Wii version was previously planned, but seems to have fallen away like the walking dead after a sweet solo. In fact, when it was first announced, the game was for Wii only!

We're checking with UFO about the absent Wii game. You can see what could have been (and, on Xbox and PS3, what will be) in two new trailers after the break.

UFO also announced a set of three apps for various iThings to support the release of the main game. Rock of the Dead: Zombie Pong, a free two-player Pong game with musical and undead themes, is available now for iPad. It'll be followed by Rock of the Dead: Zombie Survival, a miniature, top-down iPhone version of the "real" game, and Rock of the Dead: Whack-a-Zombie, which is exactly what it sounds like, also for iPhone.

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