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PlayStation Move review: Start the Party

Justin McElroy

This evolution of Sony's PS2 EyeToy-based minigame collections combines augmented reality with a variety of challenges that transform the Move controller into everything from a flashlight to a rescue helicopter. Sports Champions should serve well as a go-to party game for most Move owners, but Start the Party is likely to appeal (and be playable by) a wider audience.

Sadly, the minigames collected here are an uneven bunch. Some are just so incredibly simple as to be entertaining no more than once (like painting shapes on the screen or swatting bugs); while others, including the rescue copter I mentioned and the more creative offerings (haircuts done to spec), have more staying power.

There are 20 minigames in all, so you'll probably find at least a couple you'll want to come back to, but I really can't recommend this as more than a rental for when you know younger family members or friends' kids are going to be around.

This review is based on the pre-release copy of Starts the Party! provided by Sony.

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