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Apple patent app hints at iPod-based phones, Peel 520 turns shades of green, red, blue and yellow

Sean Hollister

Looking for that elusive CDMA iPhone? You won't find it here -- but you might hear about a device Apple's trying to patent that could enable it one day. This spring, Cupertino filed an application for an "accessory transceiver" clearly intended to bring mobile calling, data and the requisite APIs to the likes of the iPod touch, not wholly unlike a certain Chinese case you might have heard of. What's more, the patent filing clearly states that this accessory isn't limited to MIDs and PMPs, but could be applied to "any type of mobile computing and/or communication device without limitation," including the iPhone itself... and specifically calls out CDMA as a possibility "because mobile telephone network quality and contract plans can vary" on GSM. Fancy that!

To be clear, patent filings typically try to speak as broadly as possible to assist lawsuits down the road, and as you're probably aware a patent doesn't mean an intent to bring a device to market. Still, we have to wonder whether these veiled jabs mean Jobs and company hit upon a workaround for that AT&T exclusivity deal, and what ZTE might do if Apple puts such a device on sale. Oh, and speaking of the Apple Peel 520 cellular case for the iPod touch, MIC Gadget's reporting that it now comes in eight colors at least as far as a Chinese launch is concerned. Think you'll buy one?

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