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DIY casemod features fins, automatically vents your rig

Sean Hollister

Truly epic casemods grace the humble pages of Engadget from time to time, but here's a spoonful of liquid awesome you might actually be able to try. Using an off-the-shelf fan controller, servo motor and Arduino board, plus some water-cut styrene parts he farmed out to an online shop, user SXRguyinMA outfitted his NZXT Tempest Evo case with a rad robotic cooling system. When the Arduino detects the temperature changing, it automatically actuates the servo to raise or lower the louvers accordingly, and the rig features a pair of supercapacitors that can store enough power to close the vents even if power is lost. There's also the all-important little red button to instantly make jaws drop. Video after the break, full worklog at our more coverage link.

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