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    Shocker! CVS Lookbook e-reader reviewed, sucks

    Tim Stevens

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    Well, we didn't exactly have high hopes when we got first glimpse at the CVS LookBook from a leaked flier, and our lowered expectations have now been satisfied. The Digital Reader has taken the thing for a spin and, as it turns out, it's an ever so slightly modified version of the Literati that scored its own terrible review just a few weeks ago. The $150 CVS version suffers the same issues, including a complete inability to read e-books downloaded to SD card or copied onto internal memory. Also, battery life is poor, performance is slow, the margins are off, and there's no web browser. Positives? Well, it has physical buttons for page turning and... yeah. With the Kindle just a click away at $139, it's hard to see anyone wanting the LookBook, you may be tempted while picking up your 'scripts.

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