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Details on Epic's Project Sword, now called Infinity Blade


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During last September's press event, representatives from Epic Games demonstrated "Project Sword," an impresive title running the Unreal Engine inside iOS. Today, that game has been re-named Infinity Blade and new screenshots have been released.

Slide to Play notes that Infinity Blade will be the first iOS game to use the Unreal Engine 3. They expect it to hit both the iPad and iPhone "this holiday season." As for gameplay, expect the typical fantasy/medieval RPG stuff, like raging monsters, experience points, items galore and so on. In the new screenshots we see our hero battling a ridiculously oversized baddie. Let's hope that's a boss.

Right now there's no word on pricing or a solid release date. If you just can't wait, check out the demo called Epic Citadel (free). It doesn't do much other than let you explore the town from a first-person perspective, but boy is it gorgeous, especially on a retina display. We'll let you know when Infinity Blade finally comes out.

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