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Frobot hits the WiiWare dance floor Dec. 20


WiiWare will get an unlikely combination of robots, dungeon crawling, disco, and Shaft (shut your mouth) references on December 20, when Fugazo's Frobot hits the scene. Frobot is an action game about an afro-sporting robot -- not a frozen robot, as you might have thought -- who rolls into BotBlocker's headquarters to rescue his five foxy, equally robotic girlfriends.

This is represented gameplay-wise by a top-down experience similar to The Legend of Zelda's dungeons, with the addition of pointer-based aiming. If the grouping of all those elements seems too far-fetched for you, you'll be able to get proof in the form of a demo, available the same day. We're so glad to see devs taking advantage of this demo feature, by the way. European gamers will get the game (and, presumably, the demo) in 2011.

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