Massively's 2010 Player's Choice Awards results

With 2010 behind us, we're happy to sit back and think about how much fun it all was -- or perhaps, rejoice in the fact that it's over! Through our Player's Choice Awards, we've counted your votes to see which games fared best against the others in several categories.

So today, we're going to show you the results, complete with colorful graphs and shiny statistics! Yeah, we're not messing around here, so click past the cut below for an analysis of our Player's Choice poll results for both 2010 and the entire last decade in MMOs. Then, later this week, we'll be giving our own votes and impressions of what we thought was the best of the best.

Best of 2010

Let's start off with the Best Launch of 2010. Star Trek Online walked away with 47.6% of the vote on this one, while nothing else really came close. In fact, the next-highest vote count belongs to None of the Above (shown as All Other Responses in the graph), meaning the 11,820 people who voted in this one weren't really impressed with anything else in 2010.

Next up, we have Best Crafting in a 2010 MMO. Again, the people have spoken, as they're not really happy with the crafting in any 2010 MMO. The None of the Above vote won this one, but Star Trek Online edged in for that close second.

The next four categories should be a familiar sight by now as Star Trek Online dominated Best PvP, Best Capacity for Roleplay, Biggest Surprise Hit and Best Overall MMO of 2010. Could it be that Cryptic rallied hard to get its community in to win these awards? Possibly, but that option was open for every game nominated. It could also be that Star Trek Online is just that good. Check out the results:

Now we get into territory untouched by Star Trek Online. For Best Expansion of 2010, World of Warcraft's Cataclysm ran away with 34% of the vote. None of the Above rears its ugly head once again in second place, but EVE's Tyrannis fought hard for third.

As for the Biggest Disappointment of 2010, Final Fantasy XIV barely edged out several others for the not-so-coveted spot with 22.6% of the vote.

Amusingly enough, we've noticed that a few thousand voters simply skipped some of the questions, but not in the two labeled Most Anticipated. For Most Anticipated of 2011/2012, Star Wars: The Old Republic edged out Guild Wars 2 with 35.2% of the vote versus 32.9%.

When we look beyond 2012 (or at least at games with no definite launch date in sight), we can see that Blizzard once again dominates with its Titan MMO winning Most Anticipated Beyond 2012. These last two categories are probably the most important to us as we look forward to what our readers want to see gracing our site in 2011.

Best of the Decade (2011 - 2010)

The Best of the Decade winners were a bit different. While the Best of 2010 was the more popular of the two polls with just over 13,000 voters, the Best of the Decade poll still pulled in over 8,000.

First up, we have the Best MMO of the Decade, which goes to Guild Wars, which inched past World of Warcraft for that distinction. Even if World of Warcraft obviously has more players than Guild Wars, this poll shows that the gamers who visit this site prefer Guild Wars to WoW.

Next up, the Best Studio of the Decade goes to Blizzard, which edged out ArenaNet, despite the previous vote. You'll notice the contrast with the Worst Studio of the Decade below that, as it seems voters weren't as eager to name one specific studio. None of the Above got top honors in that one, showing that either players are less likely to be negative about game studios or these particular nominees didn't rub as many people the wrong way.

Guild Wars returns to another top vote in Best MMO Community of the Decade, with a fairly obvious lead over None of the Above and Lord of the Rings Online.

For Best Indie MMO of the Decade, EVE Online blows away the competition with 41.6% of the vote.

As for the Best Family MMO of the Decade, Wizard101 beat out LEGO Universe and the ever-popular None of the Above with 28% of the vote.

The Best Expansion of the Decade was a hard one, as we try to think back at how much we did or didn't enjoy our favorite MMOs without these game-defining additions. Still, Guild Wars' Eye of the North trampled the competition with 27.1% of the vote.

As we're immersed so deeply in our new favorite MMO, we sometimes forget about those that never made it this far. But then again, with the results of the Closed MMO You Miss the Most poll, we see that we've all pretty much moved on. None of the Above took the popular vote on this one, showing that even Tabula Rasa (which grabbed the second place spot) is becoming a faint memory.

And finally, we come to our final category: Best F2P/Freemium Conversion of the Decade. The top spot in this one belongs to Lord of the Rings Online with 31.6% of the vote. Considering the fact that Turbine is being praised for its conversion strategies with both DDO and LotRO, this should come as no surprise.

We'd like to thank everyone who participated in this year's Player's Choice Awards! Be sure to look for the staff awards later this week. If you're not a fan of colorful graphs, we've broken down the list of winners below:

Best of 2010
Best Launch of 2010: Star Trek Online
Best Crafting in a 2010 MMO: None of the Above
Best PvP in a 2010 MMO: Star Trek Online
Best Capacity for Roleplaying in a 2010 MMO: Star Trek Online
Best Expansion of 2010: World of Warcraft: Cataclysm
Biggest Surprise Hit of 2010: Star Trek Online
Biggest Disappointment of 2010: Final Fantasy XIV
Overall Best New MMO of 2010: Star Trek Online
Most Anticipated for 2011/2012: Star Wars: The Old Republic
Most Anticipated Beyond 2012: Titan (Blizzard's Unannounced MMO)

Best of the Decade
Best MMO of the Decade: Guild Wars
Best MMO Studio of the Decade: Blizzard
Worst MMO Studio of the Decade: None of the Above
Best MMO Community of the Decade: Guild Wars
Best Indie MMO of the Decade: EVE Online
Best Family MMO of the Decade: Wizard101
Best Expansion of the Decade: Guild Wars: Eye of the North
Closed MMO You Miss the Most: None of the Above
Best F2P/Freemium Conversion of the Decade: Lord of the Rings Online