Live from Dell's CES 2011 press event

Dell hasn't had a regular booth or presser at CES in a few years now -- the company chooses to bunker down in a suite at the Palms instead. That's where we're currently hangin', waiting to see what Round Rock has in store for us this year -- and there's a huge Alienware Hummer parked outside, so we're definitely expecting some gaming news. But what else will Dell do? Another Adamo-bearing model? Another super-hasty Streak hands-on in a back alley? We'll find out soon enough.

12:02PM Dell PR just came by to clarify -- the Venue won't have T-Mobile 3G (or, uh, 4G) radio support when it's sold unlocked. We were also told that the Streak 10 they showed was non-functional -- the screen display wasn't real. We'll see what we can find.

12:00PM Okay, now we're going to find the streak 10.

12:00PM And that's it!

12:00PM We asked if the Venue would have a carrier partner -- not yet. It's being sold unlocked on, and they think they'll have a T-Mobile version as well.

11:59AM "Do you plan on selling Streak 7 globally?" Answer is yes.

11:58AM "You hear about the iPad in enterprise, but CIOs have different needs. We're going to be focused on that whole ecosystem. It's not just device dependent, it's about managing the information."

11:57AM "What does it mean that the Streak 10 is a business class tablet?"

11:57AM "Will the Streak 7 be upgradeable to Honeycomb?" "Yes." No date given.

11:56AM Oh wait -- Q & A time!

11:56AM And we're done! We're off to find that 10-inch tablet.

11:55AM "When you talk about 'you can tell it's Dell," Stage epitomizes that concept."

11:54AM "But behind the scenes you've seen it on multiple devices." Venue, Inspiron, Streak all running Stage UI. "It's also a very robust sync-and-share system."

11:54AM "Stage: up front it's an interface that allows you to access content without having to open applications."

11:52AM And that's the end of the product announcements. Moving on to Dell Stage now -- opening with a video.

11:52AM New Dell XPS 8300, Core i5 and i7, also with 3D capability.

11:51AM XPS 17 3D has Core i7 processors, and NVIDIA 3DTV Play system. Skype HD as well.

11:51AM New XPS 17 as well. "Gamers aren't the only people who deserve 3D."

11:50AM New Alienware Aurora desktop. "This product can make you shake."

11:49AM Full HD 3D and the most advanced wireless connectivity experience. Real time wireless gaming on your TV with nearly zero lag. That sounds super interesting.

11:48AM The new Alienware M17x 3D.

11:48AM Moving on to Alienware - "This is the most powerful product to be introduced in the universe."

11:48AM Dell introducing a new Mobility Store that will sell activated phonea and laptops.

11:47AM The tablet was out on stage for like five seconds max.

11:46AM We'll see it next year, they say.

11:46AM Oh boy. Dell's doing it again -- they just held up a 10-inch tablet for a second and put it away.

11:45AM Interesting that T-Mobile is sitting right here and there was no carrier announcement for the Venue.

11:45AM Talking about the Venue now. "I used it as a mobile broadband hotspot in my hotel... it was pretty geeky, but it worked. We used a lot of bandwidth."

11:43AM T-Mo is proud to be carrying this with Dell.

11:41AM Jeremy Korst from T-Mobile on stage now. "This is an impressive device. Tablets are a category revolutionizers. Smarter than a smartphone, more personal than a PC."

11:41AM New version of Stage and it weighs less than a pound.

11:40AM Okay, so it looks like a bigger Streak 5, obviously -- three capacitive buttons on the right, and Dell's Stage UI over Android 2.2.

11:39AM "It runs on NVIDIA's Tegra 2 processor, so that it tackles bandwidth easily."

11:38AM "T-Mobile will launch this as the first 4G tablet in the US market." Oh man, the fake 4G mojo is strong here.

11:38AM "This is the epitome of mobility."

11:38AM "For the first time, the Dell Streak 7!"

11:37AM Streak 7 video!

11:37AM "We want to make sure gamers are 'owning' their opponents." Playing an Alienware video now.

11:36AM Dell's "gamer" on screen is pretty hilarious. Gen Y gamers love hoodies and slouching.

11:35AM Talking about gaming now. "What makes Dell the gaming leader? We listen to this market."

11:34AM Playing the Inspiron Duo teaser video now. If only the teaser was anything like using the Duo in real life.

11:34AM "The same thinking went into what I think is the most innovative product we made last year -- the Inspiron Duo."

11:33AM "The Stage interface is a place for parents and kids to access what matters to them, with just one touch of the screen."

11:32AM We would seriously pay money for HP to follow this up tomorrow by telling the damn kids to get off their lawn.

11:31AM Talking about JBL audio and the subwoofers in the new XPS line. Gen Y loves deep bass, it's true.

11:31AM "Some companies just sell to one set of Gen Y, but we're in a position to make technology affordable."

11:30AM "It's great to be you" says Dell. They're going to help Gen Y reach their goals. "We're giving them everything they need." Dell: Ras Trent's dad.

11:29AM Dell wants to "use social media to create new brand advocates" in Generation Y because "everything about them is social." So many buzzwords!

11:26AM "Owning" is all about service and support.

11:26AM "We want to focus on using -- we want it to be simple, easy, and fun."

11:26AM Dell wants to change buying, using, and owning its products.

11:25AM 1 in 12 people on Earth have done business on in 160 countries. That's pretty intense.

11:25AM "At the heart of 'You can tell it's Dell' is the belief that every customer is unique, and so is Dell. Everyone is unique, despite what other companies might say." Not sure who's saying everyone is the same, but sure.

11:24AM "At Dell, our core value is about delivering products and services to customers so they can do more... we make sure our customers achieve success."

11:23AM "Dell is in the middle of a major transformation."

11:23AM PaulHenri Ferrand, Dell's Chief Marketing Officer now on stage.

11:22AM "We've been hard at work creating a unified experience across Dell's products."

11:21AM The screens says Dell wants to "Make the best products" and "Make them open."

11:20AM Dell will have a strong lineup of 4G products -- they showed a picture of tablet on the screen. The Streak 7, obviously.

11:19AM Talking about the Inspiron all in one, the Zino HD, return of XPS, and Inspiron Duo.

11:18AM "Dell's consumer business is thriving... the strongest lineup of consumer products in Dell's history."

11:18AM "The music you just heard came from this XPS, and that's indicative of what's coming from Dell today... Believe me when I say it "beats" HP audio." Groans.

11:17AM Steve Felice, president of Dell Consumer on stage.

11:16AM Oop -- looks like we're starting! Dell video playing on the screens right now.

11:15AM Ha, we just scored some pictures of the prompter. The XPS systems listed there are already out, though.

11:14AM Just in case you were wondering what we're talking about, the Dell Streak 7 has already been announced by T-Mobile.

11:12AM Here's the real question: will you be able to put the Streak 7 in your skin-tight jeans, and will that get your heart racing?

11:09AM Teenage Dream now. No regrets, just love. And Tegra 2.

11:08AM Actually an extremely apt song, since the Streak 7 has a Gorilla Glass display.

11:07AM "Bulletproof" jamming out here. This time, baby.

11:04AM Oh snap -- PR for the Tegra 2-powered Dell Streak 7 on T-Mobile just hit the wires. Guess we know about that, then!

11:03AM We're in! This looks like it's going to be serious -- the production value here is through the roof. There's a runway down the main dance floor flanked by three huge screens, and dance music is pumping with Rain's light system in full effect.

10:56AM We're here, in line. Dell's actually outgrown the suite and is holding this thing in Rain -- we're hoping for some serious disco beats.