Reycom Windows Media Center coming for $499

Ben Drawbaugh
B. Drawbaugh|01.07.11

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Reycom Windows Media Center coming for $499
We love us some Windows 7 Media Center, but we recognize that using a HTPC for a DVR isn't for everyone. For some there is no replacement for a dedicated set-top box, which is why we were so excited to hear that Windows Media Center was coming to embedded devices. The problem of course is that is-coming and is-here, are completely different. A little known European company (state side anyways) hopes to change that by brining one to the US in the first quarter of this year for about $499. The bad news is that there's no CableCARD support like the Gateway one we saw earlier. There are plans to follow it up with dedicated versions for cable and telecom operators later this year, but for some reason we don't feel like they'll be too interested in it.
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Reycom Launches Next Generation Set‐top Box to Enhance Consumers' In‐Home Entertainment Experience

Swiss entertainment center supplier's set‐top box, "The REC," uses Windows Embedded Standard 7, Intel® and Nvidia® Technologies to deliver high‐definition, connected TV.

Aarau, Switzerland Jan. 6, 2011: ‐ Reycom, Switzerland supplier of high‐quality entertainment centers, presents its next generation hybrid set‐top box, the REC®,at Microsoft's booth at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Built on the Windows Embedded Standard 7 platform, Reycom's latest set‐top box uses high‐performance components from Intel® and Nvidia® to provide a flawless, connected TV experience with multi‐room capabilities.
The REC is equipped with live TV in HD, time‐shift abilities, and parallel access to the Internet for a wide range of films and TV shows via video on demand (VoD), gaming, movies, Internet TV, music and apps including YouTube®. Consumers are able to store virtually all of their entertainment choices, and play them within the built‐in hard disk and DVD or Blu‐ray player (REC100/REC1000). In addition, The REC's extensive multi‐room features allows streaming of videos, music, pictures, and more, between The REC and the user's PCs, home server and/or Windows Phone 7® plus Xbox 360® as an extender. The REC's functionalities can be either controlled by the supplied REC RF remote control or via Windows Phone7. The REC is based on a high performing Intel CPU, Nvidia graphic processor, Windows Embedded Standard 7, dual ATSC tuners, and hard drive. The system supports full HD (1080p), Silverlight®, Flash®, HTML5, Internet, DLNA, most sound systems and much more.

"Microsoft is pleased to support Reycom, and the recently introduced REC set‐top box, which brings to life an enriched and connected in‐home, entertainment experience," stated Mark Pendergrast, senior product manager for Microsoft's Windows Embedded business. "We look forward to continuing ourstrategic relationship with Reycom in providing state‐of‐the‐art multimedia home entertainment solutions for consumers."

Reycom will launch The REC United States retail version in Q1 2011 (estimated price around $499) followed by dedicated versions for US cable operators and US telecom operators by mid 2011.
Further information is available upon request. Footage material can be found within the press section of Reycom's homepage
REYCOM AG, Buchserstrasse 12, CH‐5000 Aarau, Switzerland
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