Dead or Alive Dimensions' touchscreen use, 'Chronicle Mode' revealed

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Dead or Alive Dimensions' touchscreen use, 'Chronicle Mode' revealed
We've been curious about how Team Ninja would adapt Dead or Alive for the 3DS's touchscreen. One implementation of the touch controls in Dimensions has been detailed, and it's a little weird.

According to a feature about the game, you'll be able to display a list of moves on the bottom screen -- much like the "command lists" available in other fighters. The controller combinations required to pull off each move will be listed, but you'll also be able to just tap that move's name to launch it. While we're sure fighting game fans are reeling from this blasphemy, keep in mind it's a handheld fighting game and thus pretty much immune to concerns about tournament-level play.

Famitsu also introduced Dimensions' "Chronicle Mode," which serves as a tutorial while retelling the stories of previous DOA games -- presumably leaving out all those times every female character mysteriously got stranded on Zack Island for two weeks, during which they played volleyball, lounged on the beach, and received gifts of jewelry and bikinis.
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