Doodle Jump creator backs off of other 'doodle' devs

Justin McElroy
J. McElroy|01.13.11

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Doodle Jump creator backs off of other 'doodle' devs
We wish more stories ended this way. Yesterday, we told you about warnings issued by Doodle Jump developer Lima Sky and Apple to App Store developers with "doodle" in the title of their games. Today, not only has the sketch hunt (zing!) been called off, but Lima Sky's Igor Pusenjak, who admits he was overreaching, has taken the time to write a lengthy explanation of the situation, submitted to

We're happy to see this particular situation resolved as well as it seems to be but we can't shake the feeling that, considering the clone-heavy nature of the App Store, this won't be the last story of this sort we'll be covering.
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