DC Universe Online's developer reading list

Eliot Lefebvre
E. Lefebvre|01.19.11

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DC Universe Online's developer reading list
Whether or not you're a fan of DC Universe Online, the game clearly goes out of its way to make nods to comics that spawned the franchise. That naturally has to lead to a question -- what books has the team been reading? After all, it makes a lot of difference if the team is reading The Killing Joke when it comes to designing the Joker. Fortunately for all of us who know more about DC than may be entirely necessary, ComicsAlliance has unveiled the reading list for the game's development team, replete with all of the recommended books for getting a feel for the universe.

The resultant list has a number of expected entries (The Killing Joke is indeed among them) and a few unexpected ones, covering both recent events in the continuity and studies of individual character behaviors. It also contains a few surprising omissions and a couple of questionable inclusions, even with the caveats of the comics not being in continuity (Watchmen is an excellent book, but not really in the game's milieu). Still, even if you can find fault with some of the choices, it's certainly a good primer for what to expect from DC Universe Online's in-game continuity.
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